Best Spin Bike 2018A spin bike is a good investment especially for those who want to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The challenge is what spinning bike to buy and what to choose.

If you are planning to make this important purchase, then it is essential to go through the best spin bikes 2018 reviews.

The reviews will help you decide what make and model to buy, as well as know the pros and cons for each.

It could be a bit challenging to decide on what spin bike to buy. This is understandable given that; there are many choices in the market nowadays.

They vary when it comes to characteristics and price. After all, different bikes are suitable for various types of cyclists.

It is important that you purchase the right bike depending on the intensity of the workout that you need.

Professional athletes can benefit from bikes with higher resistance levels. For those who only want a simple exercise or

Professional athletes can benefit from bikes with higher resistance levels. For those who only want a simple exercise or cardio workout, they might have to look for a different type of bike. Many comprehensive spin bike reviews will let you know more about what bike to buy.

Best Spin Bikes 2018

Why is a stationary bike called a spin bike? It is because “spinning” is a word used for the act of working out with the utilization of an indoor machine. Since this type of bike is used indoor, it is also known as a spin bike.

How are you able to decide on what the best spinning bike to buy? The reviews will only serve as your guide. It will highly depend on what kind of cardio training that you do, and what suits you best.

Things to Consider when Buying a Spin Bike

Several factors need to be considered when purchasing your very own spin bike.

The Framework and Design

The first and the most important one are the framework and design. This can significantly impact the performance of your bike, as well as your performance in your workout. The standard and advanced features of the bike will affect the overall performance and quality.

A spin bike should match your needs. You will say that it can if you know how these designs and features can aid you in your workout. You need to understand what kind or resistance the bike has, whether it’s a belt-driven model or a chain drive.

You also need to know the bike’s flywheel weight.

Comfort Factor

You also need to consider comfort as a factor in choosing the best spin bikes 2018 to buy. Just because you are supposed to sweat, does not mean that your comfort is not a consideration.

Check if the bike’s seats and pedals match with how you work out, and how long your workouts last. Exercising may need you to put in your best effort. It certainly does not mean you should get hurt in the process.

Affordable Price

The price is also something that affects your purchase. Surely there is a certain budget that you are planning to spend for your indoor bike. Stick with it for the right reasons.

If you feel that you need to add more to the budget that you’ve set to meet your cardio needs, then it may be wise to do so. For obvious reasons, spin bikes that fall into a higher price range can offer more benefits when it comes to performance.

Think about what you only need, or what you may need in the future. These spin bikes are real investments in helping you keep a healthy body. If you only have simple needs for your cardio, then buying a good quality bike that falls in the middle or low price ranges, is still a smart purchase.

How to Use a Spin Bike

Below is a simple step by step guide on how to use your spin bike.

Position your feet on the pedals

Sit on the bike and ensure that each foot is placed in the center of the pedal. Typically, there should be a thin belt attached to the pedals that will allow you to tighten it around your foot.

Adjust the height of your bike seat

The safety and comfort of your ride are going to depend on the height of your bike seat. One tip that you need to remember is that the top of the seat and your hip bone should be of the same height.

Spin bikes have a knob that you can use to adjust the position. By unscrewing the knob, you get to change the seat height. You can tighten it once you have chosen your desired height.

Adjust the seat angle and the handlebars

The bike seat can be adjusted forward or backward. This is to make sure that your knees are in proportion with your legs. Changing the handlebar to a comfortable position is also important to avoid stress to the neck and back.

Do pre-workout stretching and warm-ups

You also need to do post workout after the cycling exercise itself. Your exercise is going to depend on whether you are an experienced trainer or a novice. Going as fast as you can is not the primary goal in cycling.

The duration of your workout depends on what your fitness goals are, whether you are muscle building, or you are exercising for weight loss.

It is also equally important to do a pre-workout stretch or warm ups. Exercising using your spin bike will be a lot smoother if you do this.

What to Look for In a Spin Bike?

Spin bikes are becoming a favorite tool for working out. It is easy to confuse between an exercise bike and a spin bike. However, the specifications of the two are entirely different.

Unlike an exercise bike, a spinning bike features some alternative peddling, handle bar and seating positions. To top it up, spinning bikes are ergonomically designed to provide comfort and decrease injury.

A spin bike is a full body workout machine that is found in almost every gym. However, with the ever-increasing prices of gym fees, it might be an excellent idea to invest on your own. Some of the things you should consider when buying your spin bike include:

Weight of the Flywheel

The wheel is found right in front of the spin bike. As you pedal the bike, the flywheel continually moves which replicates the forward momentum in a regular bike. If you want a smooth spinning motion to go for a heavier flywheel.

I would recommend a flywheel weight that ranges from 20-22 kilograms. Never go for one that is less than 16 kg. Even the average indoor bike carries a weight of 18 kgs.

Type of Console

A console is a feature that allows you to get the necessary information during work outs. There are some that have been designed to show your heart rate during workouts.

With current technological advancement what separates excellent spinning bikes from mediocre ones is a computer display.

The display of equipment interface is a feature that enables one to check some calories burnt during work outs. You can also view your pedaling RPMs and exact distance covered.

There are various brands which feature a unique computer display. The display you to see how you are performing.

Type of Resistance

It is important first to understand that there are different kinds of resistance. These include; physical screw strength, cable resistance, and magnetic resistance.

My best spin bikes 2018 choice is usually the magnetic resistance because it is efficient. This type of resistance does not shudder or jerk during the change. The resistance only levels on the bike and works very silently.

Cable resistance is often applied in indoor budget bikes. This type of system offers resistance well enough. However, it is prone to breaking and snapping during use. For this reason, I don’t recommend it at all.

The manual screw resistance bikes offer average or mid-level resistance while under use. This system is more reliable than the cable resistance system. However, the bike does not give you any information about how much resistance you are getting.

The Braking System

There are three major types of braking systems. These include the fabric pad, leather pad as well as magnetic braking. The leather pads are more durable than the fabric ones.

As such, they are a better choice of braking system. However, the magnetic braking system is silent. This makes it comfortable to working with. I recommend the magnetic braking system when choosing a spinning bike.

Get the best bike that has various features that will help you during the exercise. There are other high spinning bikes on the market today. All you need to do is choose one that fits your preference and budget.

You’re One Step Closer

This entire article serves as your spin bike buying guide. In conclusion, you need to be able to do enough research on the best spin bikes 2018 reviews available online to help you make a smart purchase.

You also need to know what features you should look for when buying a bike.

This is, of course, dependent on what your fitness goals are. This means that before the purchase of a bike, you need to consult your gym or fitness trainer on these aims. There are ways for you test a spin bike. Most stores would allow you to test them.

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